Capture and Organize Everything in Notion.

Second Brain is an all-in-one digital system to manage your knowledge, projects, notes, and more.

"I just bought your Second Brain template yesterday and I absolutely love it! I’m already so relieved with my new workflow."

Michelle Martin

One Inbox to Capture Anything

No more jumping between different tools for saving links, notes, tasks, projects, and events. The second brain helps you capture all kinds of information systematically.

P.A.R.A. Organization

Second Brain builds on the popular P.A.R.A. organization method introduced by leading productivity expert, Tiago Forte.

"Smart" Weekly Review

We crafted a weekly review that pulls out relevant content from your Second Brain to help you reflect and declutter.

Don't replace. Integrate.

Integrate the apps you use in your day-to-day work into your Notion workspace, and bridge your workflows to Notion with automation.

Google Drive, Google Calendar, Figma, Sketch, Loom, Codepen, Github, Whimsical, Typeform, Slack, Trello, and more.

Habits, Goals, Journal.

The Second Brain integrates habits, goals, and journals beautifully into your all-in-one digital system.

Your mind is for having ideas, not holding them

David Allen, author of Getting Things Done

About Me

Hi, I’m Easlo. I'm a Notion Certified Creator behind this Second Brain template. My collection of Notion templates has over 50,000+ sales and served over 30,000 unique customers including students, creators, entrepreneurs, and productivity enthusiasts.

I've spent over 6 months experimenting with the best productivity setup in Notion so you don't have to. By studying proven productivity methodologies, including the PARA by Tiago Forte, and GTD by David Allen, this is the ultimate digital system that worked the best in almost every other use case.

The Notion Certified badge symbolizes the individual vast knowledge of Notion.


No subscriptions. One price for lifetime access.

Second Brain


A digital system for capture and organization.

✓ All-In-One Workspace

✓ Full Onboarding Guide

✓ Access to future updates

✓ Integrated Habits, Goals & Journal

Second Brain + Consultation


A digital system for capture and organization.

✓ All-In-One Workspace

✓ Full Onboarding Guide

✓ Access to future updates

✓ Integrated Habits, Goals & Journal

✓ 30 mins consultation call


What the community is saying about our Notion templates.

"I’ve used a bunch of Easlo’s templates and they’re minimalistic, functional, and well designed!"

Beatrice Leung

Director of Ops at soona

"Easlo always takes great care to make his templates simple but very effective.

Phillip Lanos

Personal Brand Consultant

"Easlo is a high-quality Notion creator. He created dozens of clean templates that I loved."

Aadit Sheth

Instructor at Maker's Mark

We also got #1 Product of the Day on Product Hunt.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does this work?

After purchase, you'll receive a link to duplicate the Second Brain template into your Notion app. If you're new to Notion, I've created an onboarding guide to help you get started.

Why Notion as Second Brain?

Notion is available on every platform, with flexible layouts and a wide range of components from databases, kanban, calendars, and more. Stacking up with filter, sort, and search functions, Notion surpasses other applications including Evernote, Asana, and Trello.

Do I need to pay for Notion to use this?

No. You only need a free Notion plan to use the Second Brain template.

What if I still have questions?

Send me a DM on Twitter or email to [email protected]

Capture and Organize Everything

An all-in-one digital system to capture and organize everything in one place.


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